Is this a bug?

Ulrik Vieth
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 11:17:44 +0200

>>  And I've got a set of vfs most of which have oldstyle numerals in
>>  them.  The one exception is the small caps founts: they have
>>  `missing glyph' blocks instead of oldstyle numerals.
>>  Given that all the other founts have oldstyle numerals, this
>>  seems a bit odd.  Can anyone explain why this is?
>> probably because fontinst uses straightforwardly xxxc8r where the
>> OsF are encoded as if they were LiF.

>> This is a bug. Small caps of expert founts should be done with the
>> 8r+8x founts, using kerning from c(j)8r

> Righto.  I'll wait for a bug fix, shall I?  (Don't panic: I shan't
> hold my breath ;-)

Don't worry.  In noticed the problem myself during some testing and
I found a simple work-around.  Now, when fontinst is installing an
oldstyle small-caps font, for which it didn't find a corresponding
expert font, I just add another .mtx which reshuffles the glyph names
form the small-caps fonts, so they are recognized as oldstyle glyphs.

I really don't see the point why you would want to take the oldstyle
glyphs from the expert fonts, if they are already in the small-caps
fonts, albeit under a different name.

Cheers, Ulrik.