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Hilmar Schlegel Hilmar Schlegel <>
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 14:44:56 -0400

Ulrik Vieth wrote:

> It depends on whether Montoype Bembo includes a real small-caps font
> as a raw font.  If you have mbbrc8a, it is used to generate the
> virtual small-caps fonts mbbrc7t (normal), mbbrc9t (x) or mbbrc9o (j)
> and the default digits from the small-caps font (usually oldstyle)
> are used in all cases.

There is not much reason to refer to the "real" small caps font (which
moreover uses *wrong* names for the characters) when you have the basic
font as well the expert set available - only the kerns are useful
For fonts which provide no expert set there is no choice however and one
must realize a virtual small caps with lining figures from the basic
In case this is not possible something is wrong.

> > (Also, I wonder,
> > why the rigmarole with the "F-ligatures" in the csc font?)
> Not sure what you mean.  If the encoding has slots for F-ligatures
> they have to be filled as good as possible, even if it is rather
> pointless to have them for small-caps fonts.  Should we leave them
> empty instead?  I don't think that would be much better either.

If there is no purpose you can certainly leave them out and put in
something more useful. They cause anyway only fuzz when letterspacing
the font. This applies of course also the the strange and useless SS
construction. No one needs an "uppercase" sharp s.

Hilmar Schlegel

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