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Hilmar Schlegel Hilmar Schlegel <>
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 03:39:27 -0400

Thierry Bouche wrote:
>   No one needs an "uppercase" sharp s.
> you mean you never say \section{Gau\ss} and expect to get GAUSS in
> headings?

Do you see an "upper case" sz in GAUSS? I see only in the extreme case
an upper case long-s and final-s there.... ;-)

Seriously, no you don't need a "SS" character for doing the example
exactly as your intention is - that was actually the message ;-) Aside
from this it is really funny to find that authors who set Gau\ss
correctly are hard to find - usually they write Gauss anyway. 
BTW, his signature was written "Gau long-s final-s" - of course not
*every* font provides these...

Hilmar Schlegel

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