[Fontinst] Berry name for optical sizes

juan mari alberdi wapalgaj at sq.ehu.es
Thu Mar 10 14:41:55 CET 2005

Thank you for the information about the Adobe Open Type size designations  
and their point size equivalents.

Now I know that that relationship, which depends on the font design, can  
be accessed using the utilities LCDF Typetools by Eddie Kohler (his  
webpage http://www.lcdf.org/type/index.html), in particular the program  
'otfinfo'. I've downloaded the Windows binaries  
'bin-lcdftypetools-2.3-win32-static.zip' at


and it works. For Cronos Pro Opticals the size designations mean

Caption: design size 8pt, range 6-8
Regular: design size 11pt, range 8.1-13.9
Subheading: design size 18pt, range 14-24
Display: design size 72pt, range 24.1-72

Juan Alberdi

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