[Fontinst] Started installing verbose OpenType Minion

Juan M Alberdi juanalberdi at euskalnet.net
Sun Mar 13 15:59:02 CET 2005


I'd be grateful if someone could help me with installing Minion Pro  
Opticals I own in an OpenType format. I've seen this issue discussed in  
previous emails but I'm afraid I need more help.

I've started converting the .otf files to .pfb files with cfftot1 by Eddie  
Kohler, and got .afm files using a trial copy of the program TransTypePro  
by FontLab. Then I've started trying fontinst in a verbose mode with the  
font MinionPro-Regular,

\input fontinst.sty

1) With a file I've written adhoc, I've renamed the glyphs in my pmn8a.afm  
file changing, for example, A.sc to Asmall, f_l to fl, one.inferior to  
oneinferior, etc. This has created a pmn8k.mtx file with the new glyph  
names and the same Adobe Standard Encoding as in pmn8a.afm.

\input renaglyph

2) I've transformed the pmn8k.mtx file to pmn8r.pl with encoding 8r, and  
to pmn8x.pl with encoding "adexp", an Adobe Expert Encoding with Adobe  
glyph names.


3) I've created two .vpl files, one normal font and the other one small  

   \installfont {pmn9t11}{pmn8r,pmn8x,newlatin}{t1}{T1}{pmn}{m}{n}{}
   \installfont {pmnc9t11}{pmn8r,pmn8x,newlatin}{t1c}{T1}{pmn}{m}{sc}{}

4) When fontinst has ended, I've tried to create a map file with  
finstmsc.sty, which used a finstmsc.rc file containing the line


but I get the error

! Map fragments writer error:
         \makemapentry for reglyphed font.

Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
\generic_error ...turn> \space for immediate help}
\make_map_entry ...been reglyphed! \error_help_a }
                                                   \else \entry_makers_list  

\makemapentry ...ap_entry \csname Tf-#1\endcsname
                                                   \fi \endgroup
l.4 \makemapentry{pmn8r}


5) I've written manually a pmn.map file containing

pmn8r MinionPro-Regular <8r.enc <pmn8a.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont  
pmn8x MinionPro-Regular-Expert <adexp.enc <pmn8a.pfb " "

and after finishing installing the fonts in my MiKTeX distribution and  
running a LaTeX example I can't get the smallcap glyphs with yap. This  
tells me that pmn8x is unloadable and substitutes smallcase with smallcase  
computer modern glyphs.

Thanks in advance


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