[Fontinst] Mapmaking \reglyphfont command

Juan M Alberdi juanalberdi at euskalnet.net
Mon Mar 14 20:58:30 CET 2005


This has to do with reglyphing at the mapmaking level. Before making any  
transformation or installation of my fonts with fontinst I'd like to  
reglyph my fonts to the names in the standard encoding files of fonttinst.  
Too many of my glyphs have names like Aacute.sc, one.oldstyle, or f_l.  
Those can be changed in the .afm file with the reglyphing commands at the  
fontinst.sty level, and I know how to do it.

However, after finishing the installation and writing a map file for dvips  
I will need to rename back my glyphs to the names in the .pfb file. In the  
fontinst manual (v1.9 July 2004, page 17) I see that perhaps finstmsc.sty  
could work with a \reglyphfont command, which I do n't find documented on  
the manual. Please, could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.


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