[Fontinst] fontinst only producing .fd files

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Fri Mar 18 12:08:42 CET 2005

At 20.13 +0100 2005-03-17, Edouard Goossens wrote:
>The problem is when I try to produce .vpl and .pl files.
>Fontinst only produces .fd files. I also get a lot of INFO> lines.
>I renamed .afm and .pfb files according to KB  scheme.
>Here is the fontinst code I use :
>\input fontinst.sty
>Has anyone experienced the same difficulties ? Any advise ?

The problem is that the font names doesn't fit any of the guesses that
\latinfamily will make (the \latinfamily command essentially just steps
through a large set of plausible font names and does what it can whenever
it hits anything that exists). This probably can be overcome by redefining
some semi-internal macros that work as lists of stuff that \latinfamily
should try, but I fear that this would not be time well spent.

Instead you should try using the \installfont command (and friends) in your
command file. Then you will get it right by specifying the font names
explicitly. Have a look in the examples/ directory of the fontinst
distribution. The file basicex.tex there contains commands (with comments)
that do essentially the same things as \latinfamily would do with that font
family. It should serve as a template for the command file you need to

Lars Hellström

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