[Fontinst] Foundry Sans + Lucida New Math (or: change text font in math mode)

Ingo Reich ireich at mac.com
Mon Mar 21 10:58:14 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie to this mailing-list and quite unexperienced in working  
with fontinst (though I already had a closer look at fontinst.pdf,  
fontinstallationguide.pdf and Thierry Bouche's article about buidling  
virutal math fonts). What I'd like to do seems to be a standard problem  
to me, but unfortunately I couldn't find a 'recipe' that worked for me.  
This is what I want to do: I'd like to build a virtual font that  
enables me to use my text font (Foundry Sans, ffs-family below) in math  
mode together with Lucida New Math.

The strategy I followed was to build an OT1-encoded and an OML-encoded  
virtual font, make a copy of luctime.sty, rename it and change the  
relevant font families. Below you find what I came up with (after  
playing around with some examples in PSNFSS-Source and Thierry Bouche's  
article; this is all 'documentation' I could find on the web) to  
generate a mixed virtual font family hlcmffs. The result: uppercase  
greek and lowercase greek letters are o.k., and so are the Foundry Sans  
letters A...Z, a...z, Foundry Sans lining numerals, and most math  
symbols. What I lost, however, are the brackets (,) and [,], and some  
math symbols (like e.g. \Joint). So obviously I did something wrong,  
but I just can't figure out what. Any help is very much appreciated.

Best, Ingo

P.S.: It would be nice to also have a similar example file for use with  
mathtimes (plus), but this is probably another story.

%%%%%%%% FONTINST DRIVE FILE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
% hlcmffs.tex
% Fontinst script
% to create virtual math fonts suitable for Foundry Sans
% using the Lucida New Math fonts fonts
\input fontinst.sty





% Virtual math fonts for Foundry Sans: hlcmffs


% Make math less tight:

% Install operators, and letters (symbols and large symbols taken from  


% The `operators' font:
%		latin + = () [] from Foundry Sans
%		greek and dotless j from Lucida New Math
                                          lbmr scaled  
lbmd scaled 865,latin}{OT1}{OT1}{hlcmffs}{b}{n}{}

% The `letters' font:
%		everything from Lucida Math New Italic, except:
%		latin from Foundry Sans
%		oldstyle digits from Foundry Sans
\installfont{hlcrmffs}{lbmr scaled 865,unsetalf,unsetnum,ffsr8r,mathit}
\installfont{hlcdmffs}{lbmd scaled 865,unsetalf,unsetnum,ffsb8r,mathit}
\installfont{hlcrimaffs}{lbmo scaled  
\installfont{hlcdimaffs}{lbmdo scaled  
\installfont{hlcrimffs}{lbmi scaled  
\installfont{hlcdimffs}{lbmdi scaled  


%%%%%%%% END OF FILE %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

The following is that part of luctimes.sty I changed;

%%%%%%%% BEGINNN OF lucffs.sty %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  [ Lucida New Math + Lucida Expert
  + Foundry Sans]

etc. etc. etc. [no more changes in this file]
%%%%%%%% END OF lucfss.sty %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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