[Fontinst] can't follow Lehman tutorial

Mick McQuaid mcq at umich.edu
Tue Mar 22 22:08:03 CET 2005

I purchased Adobe Caslon, Adobe Caslon Expert, and Mathtime,
but have never been able to get them to work together.  I've
just given up in the past after only being able to get
Caslon + CM math fonts, but am now trying again.
I just tried to work through Philipp Lehman's tutorial, but
was not successful.  He requests that users not send him
email, and suggests this mailing list.

The first stage of his tutorial suggests running a file like

  \input fontinst.sty

through TeX.  This stage appears to work (although I have no
way to verify the pac-rec.tex file) and to produce a huge
number of files which I then copy to various tfm and vf and
other folders.

The next stage is to use the contents of pac-rec.tex as an
input to something like

\input finstmsc.sty
\input pac-rec.tex

but this fails with messages like

    This is TeX, Version 3.141592 (Web2C 7.5.3)
    No file finstmsc.rc.
    ) (./pac-rec.tex (./pacr8r.mtx)

    Map fragments writer warning:
            No map data stored for font pacr8r.
            No entry for pacr8r will be written,
            due to insufficient information.


followed by similar warnings for pacro8r.mtx, pacri8r.mtx,
pacbi8r.mtx, pacs8r.mtx, pacso8r.mtx, and pacsi8r.mtx

This run concludes by saying

    Map file fragments written on caslon.map.

    Map fragments writer warning:
            Some font is missing from the output file(s),
            since its source is unknown.

    No pages of output.
    Transcript written on pac-map.log.

and an empty file called caslon.map is produced.

The pac-rec.tex file has only entries like the following
(yes, there are several identical entries for pacr8r,
followed by several identical entries for other fonts)


The warning message above seems to suggest that something is
missing from the *.mtx files, but they appear to be full of
interesting information, such as

    %Filename: pacr8r.mtx
    %Created by: tex fontinst-input
    %Created using: \mtxtomtx{pacr8a}{pacr8r}

    %This file is used by the fontinst package.





the beginning of the pacr8r.mtx file.

I looked through the archive of this list, but it appears
that automatic map file generation is relatively new and
that users of this list have not reported difficulties with
it.  I did find one entry from a couple of years ago
suggesting not to use the \latinfamily macro, but I was
hoping to complete this tutorial as a way to better
understand fontinst.  My main aim is just to get a working
Adobe Caslon + Mathtime setup, however, so maybe the
tutorial is not the best point of departure.  Previously I
have tried to use the fontinst manual, but have found it
difficult to use.  I also have no qualms about purchasing
any commercial tools that would make this work, but don't
know of any.  I would appreciate any pointers toward
solutions of ANY kind!

Michael McQuaid

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