[Fontinst] can't follow Lehman tutorial

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Wed Mar 23 10:47:07 CET 2005

At 00.27 +0100 2005-03-23, Philipp Lehman wrote:
>Multiple lines with \makemapentry for the same font are perfectly
>normal, but pac-rec.tex is missing the instructions concerning the
>actual data. The file should contain something like this:
>Apparently, something went wrong while processing pac-drv.tex. Unless
>this rings a bell with Lars,

Well, I see what the problem is, anyway. \storemapdata lines are generated
when font metrics are being transformed or converted to MTX, but since e.g.
pacr8r.mtx already existed, \latinfamily made no attempt to regenerate it.
This is why these commands are not in pac-rec.tex.

Normally this wouldn't have been a problem however, since the \storemapdata
information is also recorded in the generated MTX file. If no such data has
been cached when a font is to be processed, then \makemapentry will input
the MTX file directly to find this information, which works just as well
but is a bit slower.

The problem is however that these MTX files you have were generated by
fontinst v1.801, as one can see from the line


and back then fontinst didn't have a \storemapdata command, so naturally it
is missing also from this MTX file. Hence the case is indeed, as the
messages say, that available information is insufficient for mapfile entry

More practically, your problem was caused by having old MTX files lying
around when doing a fresh run. This does sometimes lead to problems that
would not have occurred in a "fresh" working directory.

Lars Hellström

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