[Fontinst] can't follow Lehman tutorial

Philipp Lehman lehman at gmx.net
Thu Mar 24 10:53:49 CET 2005

Am Mittwoch, 23. März 2005 00:41 schrieb Mick McQuaid:

> Nevertheless, I append the contents of pac-drv.log in case
> that sheds any light on the problem, and because I would
> like to work through the tutorial anyway.

There's nothing wrong with this log file either, but as Lars notes 
your problem stems from old mtx files left in your working directory. 
These files are used by fontinst to cache data extracted from the afm 
files in a format more suitable for Tex.

Just purge any old files left in your working directory and run the 
drivers again:

rm -f *.mtx *.pl *.vpl *.log *.tfm *.vf *.fd *-rec.tex *.map
tex pac-drv.tex
tex pac-map.tex

On a related note, it's also a good idea to purge old tfm, vf and fd 
files from the Tex tree before installing any new files. The set of 
files created by the drivers discussed later in the guide differ from 
what you get in the first tutorial.

You'll probably want to use a Makefile or a shell script if you plan 
to work through the other tutorials as well.

Philipp Lehman <lehman at gmx.net>

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