[Fontinst] Interesting problem with "dotless_i"

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at math.umu.se
Wed Apr 20 20:19:55 CEST 2005

At 19.45 +0200 2005-04-20, Peter Dyballa wrote:
>I am working on a font with oldstyle numerals and strange glyph names.
>For example dotless_i.

OK, that will require a new encoding. Why? Because none of the standard
encoding vectors have any /dotless_i position. With the particular example

>fasr8r SImPL <8r.enc <fasr8a.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont "

none of the 256 slots in the font will point to /dotless_i. Slot 17 points
to the more standard /dotlessi, but of course dotless_i and dotlessi are as
different as A and a, so that doesn't help.

>The installation starts this way:
>   \transformfont{fasr8r} {\reencodefont{8r} {\fromafm{fasr8a}}}
>   \transformfont{fasro8r}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\frommtx{fasr8r}}}
>   \transformfont{fasro8p}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\fromafm{fasr8p}}}
>   \transformfont{fasro9z}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\fromafm{fasr9z}}}
>Although all seems to be there
>pete 253 /\ grep dotless *.afm *.mtx
>fasr8a.afm:C 245 ; WX 600 ; N dotless_i ; B 90 0 510 436 ;
>fasr8all.afm:C -1 ; WX 600 ; N dotless_i ; B 90 0 510 436 ;
>8p.mtx:\ifisglyph{dotless_i}\then	\setglyph{dotlessi}
>\glyph{dotless_i}{1000} \endsetglyph \Fi

This is all exactly as it should be, given that this is what you asked for.
Reencode according to the 8r encoding, you said, and then of course
dotless_i (not having any slot in that encoding) will become unencoded. The
fact that it occurs only in a \setscaled*not*glyph command is a clear sign
of this.

Lars Hellström

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