[Fontinst] Interesting problem with "dotless_i"

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Wed Apr 20 22:26:05 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 22:19, Lars Hellström wrote:
> At 19.45 +0200 2005-04-20, Peter Dyballa wrote:
> >Hello!
> >
> >I am working on a font with oldstyle numerals and strange glyph
> > names. For example dotless_i.
> OK, that will require a new encoding. Why? Because none of the
> standard encoding vectors have any /dotless_i position. With the
> particular example mapping

There is a nice solution for similar situations, available in the
cyrfinst (aka T2) package by Vladimir Volovich. This package provides a
file called fnstcorr.tex; after loading that file one can use
a special command, \galias, which allows to map one or more 
aliases to a glyph name recognized by fontinst. For example:


Since this solution may be useful for any script (not just
Cyrillic) I also use it in my Greek and Unicode fontinst
extensions. It would be nice to incorporate it into the
fontinst core: so it would be not necessary to create a special
encoding file just because of a single misnamed glyph in a
particular font.

Alexej Kryukov <akrioukov at newmail dot ru>

Moscow State University
Historical Faculty

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