[Fontinst] table figures?

Ingo Reich ireich at mac.com
Mon May 23 15:54:08 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,
for a curriculum vitae I'd like to use table (i.e., monowidth) figures, but ? unfortunately ? my favourite font (like so many others) doesn't provide for table figures. So I am thinking about faking them. There are three options coming to (my) mind:

1. Turn off kerning during font installation (probably not sufficient)
2. set \setint{monowidth}{1}
3. put each numeral centered in a box of width x

Before I start installing new font families and/or writing latex macros, I'd like to know what people on this list think, is the best way to fake monowidth numerals.
Thanks a lot.
Best, Ingo

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