[Fontinst] table figures?

Lars Hellström lars.hellstrom at residenset.net
Mon May 23 16:15:37 CEST 2005

At 15.54 +0200 2005-05-23, Ingo Reich wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>for a curriculum vitae I'd like to use table (i.e., monowidth) figures,
>but ? unfortunately ? my favourite font (like so many others) doesn't
>provide for table figures. So I am thinking about faking them. There
>are three options coming to (my) mind:
>1. Turn off kerning during font installation (probably not sufficient)

For some fonts this will do the trick, but certainly not for all.

>2. set \setint{monowidth}{1}

This won't help; it will only tell fontinst to do some things (space width,
-- and ---, faking of smallcaps) differently to better cope with monowidth
base fonts.

>3. put each numeral centered in a box of width x

Yes, that is probably the right thing to do. E.g.


(or did you think about doing that using LaTeX macros? That probably
wouldn't be easy to make to work with digits from autogenerated numbers,
such as page numbers and the like.)

Lars Hellström

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