[Fontinst] Scala Sans (Expert)

Lars Hellström lars.hellstrom at residenset.net
Tue Jun 21 21:30:04 CEST 2005

At 18.47 +0200 2005-06-21, Ingo Reich wrote:
>I try to install (a try-out version of) scala sans, and ran into
>the problem that in the expert font the ligature 'ffi' is named
>'semicolon', the ligature 'ffl' is named 'less', and so on

So the font is garbled. Better not pay anything for it, then.

>I found out after checking the afm-file and having a look at the font
>via the font palette; all the slots seems to have the 'usual', i.e.,
>non-expert names). Simply renaming the relevant slots in the afm-file
>didn't work ('ffl' etc. is left blank),

With fonts that don't require reencoding (which expert fonts normally
shouldn't) it may possible to get away with hacking the AFM. It could be a
caching problem, i.e., there already exists a 0scr8x.mtx file, so the
modified 0scr8x.afm isn't converted again.

>and so didn't the strategy to rename the slots within \reglyphfonts
>... \endreglyphfonts (same effect). I append my installation file
>(t1scala.etx is identical to t1.etx except that 'fj' is put in the
>dotless j slot). Any sugestions?
>Thanks (once again ? sorry),

This isn't right. 0scr8z is supposed to be an expert font, so reencoding it
in 8r will mostly make the glyphs unavailable which normally are available
by default. (Also this should give you an error message when you try to
make the mapfile that it won't work to reencode a font that has been
reglyphed.) Try using just 0scr8z where you now refer to 0scroz8r below.

Lars Hellström

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