[Fontinst] Scala Sans (Expert)

Ingo Reich ireich at mac.com
Wed Jun 22 10:40:44 CEST 2005

Am 21.06.2005 um 21:30 schrieb Lars Hellström:

> At 18.47 +0200 2005-06-21, Ingo Reich wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I try to install (a try-out version of) scala sans, and ran into
>> the problem that in the expert font the ligature 'ffi' is named
>> 'semicolon', the ligature 'ffl' is named 'less', and so on
> So the font is garbled. Better not pay anything for it, then.
>> (which
>> I found out after checking the afm-file and having a look at the font
>> via the font palette; all the slots seems to have the 'usual', i.e.,
>> non-expert names). Simply renaming the relevant slots in the afm-file
>> didn't work ('ffl' etc. is left blank),
> With fonts that don't require reencoding (which expert fonts normally
> shouldn't) it may possible to get away with hacking the AFM. It  
> could be a
> caching problem, i.e., there already exists a 0scr8x.mtx file, so the
> modified 0scr8x.afm isn't converted again.

O.K., hacking the afm-file did work in the end (it probably was a  
caching and/or ecoding problem); apart from that my map-file was  
incomplete (I forgot entries corresponding to the expert font -- no  
wonder I got blanks in the output). Everything works fine now. Thanks,

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