[Fontinst] wrong mappings in 'ot1tt'?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Oct 30 23:28:00 CET 2022

Hi Werner,

    Hopefully, the relevant people are still listening...

As far as I know, Lars is still the maintainer of fontinst, and he is on
the list. Hopefully his subscribed address is still current. Lars, are
you there? Any interest?

    In fontinst's file `ot1.etx` I can find the following mappings:

    I think this is wrong, at least for 'cmtt' and friends.

Agreed it is wrong for cmtt, but seems to me it is correct for cmr/etc.,
in that the non-typewriter fonts do have standalone accents.

I see that fontinst includes another file, ot1tt.etx. So it seems like
the slots could be named ascii{circum,tilde} there, while not changing
ot1.etx. Maybe ... Lars? --best, karl.

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