[Fontinst] wrong mappings in 'ot1tt'?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sat Nov 12 07:36:31 CET 2022

> In fontinst's file `ot1.etx` I can find the following mappings:
> ```
> \setslot{circumflex}
>    \comment{The circumflex accent `\^ a'.}
> \endsetslot
> \setslot{tilde}
>    \comment{The tilde accent `\~a'.}
> \endsetslot
> ```
> I think this is wrong, at least for 'cmtt' and friends.  Today, the
> most important use for glyph names is cut-and-paste support via the
> `toUnicode` table – TeX and LaTeX themselves actually don't need
> glyph names at all.

Another problematic glyph name in the the OT1 mapping is 'ringfitted',
which doesn't exist in the Adobe Glyph List.  It should be replaced
with 'ring'.

Looking into the TeXLive repository, it's funny that none of the
various Computer Modern font incarnations in any font format have a
glyph called 'ringfitted'.  Only 'mathdesign' and 'newtxsf' Type1
fonts have them, and I guess that its author could easily recreate
them with updated mappings.


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