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>>>>> "john" == john kitzmiller <jkitz at verizon.net> writes:

  > How to update the PATH for MP under linux?  New to linux, I have
  > installed TexLive (2005) under Ubuntu Edgy. So far all latex and
  > simple MP working fine.

  > I have put a macro in same location as graph, sarith, etc. and

  > 	input graph

  > works fine, but

  > 	input myfile

  > gets 'Can't find file' error.

  > Seems like I just put the file in right place with winxp/miktex
  > and could use input at will, but I may have forgotten some other
  > step.

First of all, it is better to put your own files into the texmf-local
directory.  This prevents the files from being lost if you replace
TL2005 by a newer release.

The texmf-local tree should have the same directory structure as
texmf-dist because files are searched in paths defined in texmf.cnf,
which is the main configuration file.

After new files had been installed you have to run texhash in order to
update the file database.

There are some significant differences between TeXLive and MikTeX.
An introduction is in


If you are new to TeXLive it is highly recommended to read this file.

TeXLive also provides documentatation as manual pages or texinfo
files.  To make them available to your system, you have to add the
following lines to the file $HOME/.bashrc



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