[metapost] macro path

john kitzmiller jkitz at verizon.net
Sun Mar 25 17:07:54 CEST 2007

> First of all, it is better to put your own files into the texmf-local
> directory.  This prevents the files from being lost if you replace
> TL2005 by a newer release.
> The texmf-local tree should have the same directory structure as
> texmf-dist because files are searched in paths defined in texmf.cnf,
> which is the main configuration file.
> After new files had been installed you have to run texhash in order to
> update the file database.
> There are some significant differences between TeXLive and MikTeX.
> An introduction is in
>     texmf-doc/doc/english/texlive-en/live.pdf
> If you are new to TeXLive it is highly recommended to read this file.

That is all excellent advice, thank you. The texhash brought success
with the file in texmf-dist, but not when put in texmf-local. I have
tried changes to texmf.cnf as directed in 


but no success yet. As newb to both TexLive and Linux, there is much to
learn, but I sense there is something obvious I am missing. Sorry this
is off MPost topic per se, and thanks for your tolerance.

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