[metapost] Question: [MPLib, MetaFun, ConTeXt, LuaTeX] metapost logging and message primitive?

Marco netuse at lavabit.com
Tue Feb 26 13:36:27 CET 2013

On 2013–02–26 Colin Fraizer wrote:

> I am certainly willing to install the ConTeXt and LuaTeX betas.
> Could you point me to the right place to get the files and to intall them?

I already pointed you¹ to the right place, it's the ConTeXt
standalone distribution:


> Are the betas distributed as binaries (I run Windows 7 64-bit.) or must
> I build them myself?

It's a binary distribution. At least TeX and a few helper programs
are provided as binaries. The ConTeXt macros themselves are provided
as source code but they are “compiled” on-the-fly during the
installation. You don't need to compile anything manually. Running
first-setup (and optionally adding ConTeXt to your PATH) is


¹ http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/98731/how-to-debug-metapost-inlined-in-context-or-message-primitive-and-loggingal/98744#comment214465_98744
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