[metapost] Question: [MPLib, MetaFun, ConTeXt, LuaTeX] metapost logging and message primitive?

Colin Fraizer metapost at cfraizer.com
Tue Feb 26 13:42:35 CET 2013

Thank you, Marco.  I just discovered that indeed you had pointed me
to the right place.  I didn't realize that "ConTeXt standalone distribution"
was the same as "the minimals from the contextgarden".

The tests I ran were indeed run with the binaries obtained following your

Is that also the same as the "latest context beta and latest luatex beta"?
(I think so.  The luatex obtained by your instructions lists its version as

I sincerely apologize for being such a bother (here and on TeX.SE).

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On 2013–02–26 Colin Fraizer wrote:

> I am certainly willing to install the ConTeXt and LuaTeX betas.
> Could you point me to the right place to get the files and to intall them?

I already pointed you¹ to the right place, it's the ConTeXt standalone distribution:


> Are the betas distributed as binaries (I run Windows 7 64-bit.) or 
> must I build them myself?

It's a binary distribution. At least TeX and a few helper programs are provided as binaries. The ConTeXt macros themselves are provided as source code but they are “compiled” on-the-fly during the installation. You don't need to compile anything manually. Running first-setup (and optionally adding ConTeXt to your PATH) is sufficient.


¹ http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/98731/how-to-debug-metapost-inlined-in-context-or-message-primitive-and-loggingal/98744#comment214465_98744

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