[tex-k] Please give me a suggestion...

Touhid Khandaker touhid@hotmail.com
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 20:15:21 -0000

Dear Tomas:
I having a big problem. I hope you could give me help. I have installed and 
configured MikTex, EinEdit. But I got problem about printer run. I uses 
epson Stylus Color 600 (720 dpi) printer.

>From the mfmodes file, I took (1) printer driver name: epscszz  and (2) the 
resolution: 720. Then opening the config.ps file, I put the above two 
information on it. What I did in config.ps is

% Default resolution of this device, in dots per inch.
D 720
X 720
Y 720

M epscszz
% Also look for this list of resolutions.
R 720 720


The number D in congig.ps sould be same as modes.mf (it is written in 
config.ps). I did not understand it.

So the problem is when I tried to print, I got the following message: 
"Printer resolution 300 does not match METAFONT resolution 600. Either 
select a 300 METAFONT mode, or setup your printer for 600 dpi."   But what 
can I do, sir? I need your help. Pl help me...

Dear sir, I will be very very happy, if you manage time to answer it. Thanks 
a lot, sir.



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