Code repositories, was: Re: [tex-k] cm-super fails
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 23:39:33 +0000

Stefan Ulrich writes:
 > is: How can we make it possible that users can easily check out
 > and compile the various modules (like e.g. dvipsk together with
 > kpathsea, if they don't have it installed), and yet have a
 > logical separation on the CVS level (maybe different
 > permissions)?

we can control permissions in Perforce in very complex ways

 > Does Perforce have any support for this, or does it use external
 > programs there? (On the web site I've read something about
 > Bugzilla).
yes, Perforce assumes you handle that sort of thing with
separate software

 > > if you all used Perforce, it would :-}
 > I'd love to, but how does it work? ;-) I guess I'll need to

go to and follow their 10 minute guide.

 > download the client, and what's the next step? Is there a
 > web page with instructions on downloading TeXlive?
no. the answer is "point a perforce client at and do
a "p4 sync" :-}

 > The only remaining advantage of the sourceforge/CVS model seems
 > to be a somewhat better accessibility: Every *nix user has CVS
 > installed, no need to download additional software, you search
 > for a project on sourceforge, and you're just 2 clicks away from
 > the web CVS repository, mailing lists, bug reporting pages etc.

very true. if you can understand Sourceforge! I confess that I find
it very confusing, but I guess I dont use it enough

 > > As a daily user, I find Perforce so easy to use, and so
 > > effective
 > Good, I was just going to ask you about your experiences with it
 > in comparison to CVS ;-)

I don't use CVS much, I have to admit. 

 >    The Perforce Server supports only two users and two client
 >    workspaces unless used with a Perforce license.
 > I had the impression that you could only have 2 developers
 > on a project without acquiring the full version ;-)

we do have a licence, they gave us a free one. you only need a licence
for the server.

 > > One thing to note is that the way we develop things also
 > > varies.  I do most work on a laptop which doesn't have a 24x7
 > > connection
 > same here ;-)
working offline with perforce is moderately simple