Code repositories, was: Re: [tex-k] cm-super fails
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 23:50:13 +0000 writes:
 >  > download the client, and what's the next step? Is there a
 >  > web page with instructions on downloading TeXlive?
 > no. the answer is "point a perforce client at and do
 > a "p4 sync" :-}

I meant to say

 p4 sync //depot/Build/source.development/...

which shows four things

 * the top level of perforce is "depot". we have just one at present,
   called (boringly) "depot". we can have as many as we like
 * TeX Live consists of "Build" (sources and suchlike) and "Master"
   (the contents of the CD)
 * Perforce does branching well. the source tree is there twice, as
   "source" and "source.development". synchronizing the development
   tree back into the release tree as needed is efficient and
 * Perforce-ese for "all the tree" is "..."

it is not hard to use the branching and integration.

sorry to sound like a perforce salesman, but I guess I am one of
the more experienced users here (its what we use to manage our web
site at; we manage bug tracking with Request
Tracker, if anyone cares)