[tex-k] cm-super fails

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 23:03:36 +0100

> The changes are being checked into the TeXLive tree at
> sun.dante.de in the Build/source.development branch.

Ok, I do have an account on that machine. I guess that I need to use
the perforce system to be able to check out things?

> This is what I consider the `official' dvips for now,
> until we can come to a better decision [which would
> involve a lot of people].


> Getting the changes we have
> made so far into a beta test distribution would be
> excellent!

Ok, so we'll just go for it.

> What is your schedule for the beta?

In 1-2 weeks if all goes well. 3-4 weeks if I get short on time. If things
are getting even worse, I'll try at least to get it out *this* year.

> How
> difficult would it be to integrate the changes to
> the dvips directory in TeXLive into the teTeX source?

I do not expect any difficulties at all.

> How stable do we have to be for your beta release?

I'll just use for a beta release what you have. If things are bad,
then the beta testers should find out. That's hat beta testing is for,
isn't it?

> Essentially, I believe that you, and I, and Seba, and
> TomK, and maybe Fabrice and some others, should all get
> on IRC or AIM (I'm tomrokicki on AIM) and discuss the
> best way to proceed with the dvips work we are doing.

Arg... I have never used IRC or AIM. I do have an ICQ account, but I am
not sure if that is good for discussions with several people. For me,
the easiest thing is email and I have a very fast email connection
(using the university account).

> I propose 8 AM PST, on Fri 2 November 2001, on AIM,
> or pick your IRC.  I'm more comfortable with AIM but
> can use IRC.

Ok, ok... If you tell me what I need to do, then I can do that, too.
I'd like to work from my linux box, however... And, I am sorry,
what is the time offset between PST and MET (you might just tell me where
I can look that up).