[tex-k] cm-super fails

Tom Kacvinsky tjk@ams.org
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:07:01 -0500 (EST)

Sorry guys, the time listed below is not feasible for me...  That is during
work hours, and I am not so sure management would like that (yes, TomR, I know
I chat with you on occasion, but that is different -- its quick; I can see this
discussion taking some time).

I would be more comfortable doing this on a weekend.  And I have to learn IRC
(sorry for my ignorance here, but I really haven't had a need to learn IRC, and
I am not generally a chat "geek").

Anyway, don't let me impede you from having the discussion.  I will work with
whatever all of you decide!


On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Tomas G. Rokicki wrote:

> The changes are being checked into the TeXLive tree at
> sun.dante.de in the Build/source.development branch.
> This is what I consider the `official' dvips for now,
> until we can come to a better decision [which would
> involve a lot of people].  Getting the changes we have
> made so far into a beta test distribution would be
> excellent!  What is your schedule for the beta?  How
> difficult would it be to integrate the changes to
> the dvips directory in TeXLive into the teTeX source?
> How stable do we have to be for your beta release?
> Essentially, I believe that you, and I, and Seba, and
> TomK, and maybe Fabrice and some others, should all get
> on IRC or AIM (I'm tomrokicki on AIM) and discuss the
> best way to proceed with the dvips work we are doing.
> I propose 8 AM PST, on Fri 2 November 2001, on AIM,
> or pick your IRC.  I'm more comfortable with AIM but
> can use IRC.
> And Seba, many many thanks for opening up your source
> tree to us!