[tex-k] Windows validation of texk patches?

Jan Nieuwenhuizen janneke@gnu.org
Fri, 04 Oct 2002 16:29:40 +0200

Hi Fabrice,

For the teTeX distribution on Cygwin, I've had to make some patches,
mainly to texk and web2c.  You can find them here:


I took care not to change the behaviour for mingw or plain Windows,
but Olaf needs to make sure that my patches don't break your code.  As
non of us can test your Windows code, he wrote [Thomas and me]:

    There's stuff in there that I'm not sure about, because it looks
    like it might interact with Fabrice's [Windows] support (...)  the
    KPSEDLL area, and I think it would be good if Jan could coordinate
    those bits with Fabrice.

I would appreciate it if you could have a look/test at the patches*,
notably the Cygwin patch and the DLL area, and tell me if there's any
problems that we need to work out.


* In case you're not on the tex-k list, I can resend the patches to
  you personally; pulling them from the archive might be troublesome.

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