[tex-k] (pdf)latex wishlist item; configurable output granularity

Hein Meling meling@item.ntnu.no
10 Oct 2002 21:03:14 +0200

Dear all,

  PS; I'm not on this list, so please respond directly to me.

  I'm using the tetex package (the Debian version.)  What I have been
missing for a long time is the possibility to set the granularity of the
output produced by latex/pdflatex etc.  I mean the jobname.log file
contains most of the details anyway, and a lot of (less useful) stuff is
output to the screen as well.

  I would like to be able to configure what is printed to the screen, so
as to make it easier to identify "relevant problems," like missing
references, over/underfull boxes etc.  I normally don't care about which
files (including figures, fonts) are begin loaded, on which page figures
are placed etc.

  Could you please direct me to any documentation on this (if the
feature exists), alternatively where should I start looking if I wanted
to implement such a feature myself.

Best regards,

  Hein Meling