[tex-k] Which fonts are installed?

Fabio Stumbo f.stumbo at unife.it
Mon Feb 24 13:52:48 CET 2003


I have a Linux box with mandrake 9.0, which ships tetex 1.07. 
My problem is: how can I figure out which are all fonts which are 
installed/usable ?

(I looked on the web for some help, but I am not been able to find 
anything: I think this is the right place to ask.)

I know there is a useful file called testfont.tex: its only drawback is 
that it asks me for the font to be tested... I would like to tell him: 
test all fonts!

Somebody suggested me to look for all *.tfm files and test them, with a 
script. It works, but it doesn't show all the fonts (for example, ecbl is 
missing), and it can also show some font which is not available.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were an utility for this?



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