[tex-k] web2c-7.5.4, tetex-2.99.10-beta -- patches and problem

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 26 23:41:53 CET 2005

    If I, as a random user, run updmap, I'd think the 
    changed files SHOULD go into my home directory

If I, as a random user, run updmap, I'd think that the changed files
would be the ones in the system directory.  From the last time updmap
was run.  Where they've always been created before.  I certainly
wouldn't want new forked config files to be created somewhere in my home

So I guess expectations differ.

    Anyway, the basic principle of "user files override system files, always" 

If I install fonts in my home directory, then it would seem logical for
there to be config files in my home directory (for just those fonts).

But if I don't have any fonts under my home (surely the case 99% of the
time), then I don't want config files there either.  In your proposal,
as I understand it, they would end up there.

I admit I find this discussion rather confusing and haven't had a chance
to research the details.  So it's quite possible I'm saying something
stupid, in which case, please ignore me :).

(Thanks for your just-sent mail to me, Thomas, that helps a lot.)


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