[tex-k] web2c-7.5.4, tetex-2.99.10-beta -- patches and problem

Eddie Kohler kohler at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Jan 27 02:54:24 CET 2005

>     Anyway, the basic principle of "user files override system files, 
> always"
> If I install fonts in my home directory, then it would seem logical for
> there to be config files in my home directory (for just those fonts).


> But if I don't have any fonts under my home (surely the case 99% of the
> time), then I don't want config files there either.  In your proposal,
> as I understand it, they would end up there.

If there were no fonts under my home, I would have no reason to run 

> I admit I find this discussion rather confusing and haven't had a 
> chance
> to research the details.  So it's quite possible I'm saying something
> stupid, in which case, please ignore me :).

I must echo that sentiment...


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