[tex-k] Re: Raster (Bitmap) Images Handling in DVIPS(k)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jul 23 19:13:39 CEST 2005

Hello David,

    Now the only option left is that convert the Raster/Bitmap Images in PS/EPS

Seems like another option would be to use pdflatex, and then convert the
.pdf to .ps with pdf2ps (Ghostscript), pdftops (xpdf), or no doubt other

    Here my concern is that this Image conversion (from TIF/JPG to
    PS/EPS) may result some leak in quality.

I cannot see why it would.  Conversion to EPS does not, in general, lose
information.  (Except perhaps with advanced TIFF features, but I doubt
that is the case here.)

    Can I ask the possibilty that if we can get the modified/updated
    DVIPS(k) which can hanlde the Raster/Bitmap Images directly without
    any conversion.

Although I suppose dvips could be enhanced this way, I've never heard of
a way for (regular) LaTeX itself to read the binary file formats
directly -- the user would have to explicitly specify the correct
bounding box in the document source.  That would be very inconvenient.

So it doesn't seem worth worrying about dvips until such time as latex
can handle it ... which I've never seen mentioned as a project before,
so I wouldn't hold your breath.  It sure would be a nice enhancement,

    which restrict us to use LaTeX as a wide-spread Typesetting Tool.

There are many conversion tools between all the assorted graphics
formats, so there is no real restriction.

Best regards,

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