[tex-k] Raster (Bitmap) Images Handling in DVIPS(k)

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Jul 26 10:23:33 CEST 2005

josef dev wrote:

> Is pdfLaTeX is superset of LaTeX or I should say can any LaTeX file be 
> compiled in pdfLaTeX without any change except driver information 
> (dvips to pdftex) if it is specified in TeX file.


> Is this assured that the result of compilation of the same file in 
> LaTeX and pdfLaTeX will be identical in all cases?

unless you make use \special, yes.

> Is every package which is available for LaTeX can be used with 
> pdfLaTeX without any change or is full functionality of LaTeX 
> available in pdfLaTeX

some LaTeX packages make use of \special, or rely on a particular 
driver, so no. But at the macro
level, yes.

> What about TIF? If I am not wrong it was supported by earlier version 
> of pdfLaTeX but now it is not supported. What to do if I still want to 
> use TIF with latest release of pdfLaTeX except converting TIF to PDF?

convert TIFF to PNG

> Also same with EPS. Is there any package which can embeded them 
> directly in the document without any manual conversion before compilation?

no. you have convert to EPS to PDF.

sorry for all  the "no"s :-}

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