[tex-k] Raster (Bitmap) Images Handling in DVIPS(k)

josef dev david_jsf at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 23 14:52:08 CEST 2005

Dear Sir,
I am using "tetex-3.0". I am required to use TIF and JPG (Raster) Images in TeX. I understand that I can do this using PDFLaTeX but I am also required get the output in PS not in PDF.
Now the only option left is that convert the Raster/Bitmap Images in PS/EPS before using in LaTeX. Here my concern is that this Image conversion (from TIF/JPG to PS/EPS) may result some leak in quality.

Can I ask the possibilty that if we can get the modified/updated DVIPS(k) which can hanlde the Raster/Bitmap Images directly without any conversion.

I am quiet interested to initiate this Development and I think if we could do that then it will be a great achievement because now a days when we have Multiple Graphics Formats in Use and our LaTeX engine is only compatible with PS/EPS format, which restrict us to use LaTeX as a wide-spread Typesetting Tool.
I will be gratefull if I can contribute or if I can take part in this great development at any level.
Thanks in advance 
Kind Regards

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