[tex-k] Raster (Bitmap) Images Handling in DVIPS(k)

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jul 24 00:27:18 CEST 2005

> I am using "tetex-3.0". I am required to use TIF and JPG (Raster)
> Images in TeX. I understand that I can do this using PDFLaTeX but I
> am also required get the output in PS not in PDF.

you could of course produce pdf and then convert to ps...

> Now the only option left is that convert the Raster/Bitmap Images in
> PS/EPS before using in LaTeX. Here my concern is that this Image
> conversion (from TIF/JPG to PS/EPS) may result some leak in
> quality. 

you've got to convert or embed at some point.  jpeg will embed
directly (ps level 2 or higher engine), and the output of such an
operation is formally identical to the original jpeg file.

tiff is more of a problem, since it's not a single format, but rather
a means of creating images from any number of different formats (we
used to have a scanner that returned files that were "tiff" containing
nothing but jpeg -- meets the tiff standard, but only the
manufacturer's programs could deal with the stuff back then).

unless you're stuck with a truly stupid tiff format, i would recommend
converting it to something rational.  however, for a stupid enough
tiff format, you may find there's nothing you can do with it at all.

> Can I ask the possibilty that if we can get the modified/updated
> DVIPS(k) which can hanlde the Raster/Bitmap Images directly without
> any conversion. 

the bmeps package (iirc -- http://bmeps.sourceforge.net) will provide
moderately direct incorporation of various bitmap formats into
postscript.  what's more, it comes with a library that can be used
with dvips -- the distribution includes "modified dvips sources" (but
i would be surprised if they match the current dvips release).

the problem of the bounding boxes of the images (that karl referred
to) is addressed by the ebb program from the dvipdfm(x) distribution.
using images in a dvi-based tex system is never going to be as
"smooth" as using it in a pdf-based one, but there's no need for the
user to enter the bounding box by hand.

> I am quiet interested to initiate this Development and I think if we
> could do that then it will be a great achievement because now a days
> when we have Multiple Graphics Formats in Use and our LaTeX engine
> is only compatible with PS/EPS format, which restrict us to use
> LaTeX as a wide-spread Typesetting Tool. 

i don't believe anything much has changed, in fact (i entered bmeps
into the uk tex faq in 2002, and it seems not to have changed in
substance since then).  and people, even without modified dvips, have
managed quite well producing postscript containing bitmap images for a
long time, now.

> I will be gratefull if I can contribute or if I can take part in
> this great development at any level. 

you could try building a modified version of _current_ dvips with the
current bmeps stuff, and submit the changes to the tex-k list, or
something of the sort.  there's nothing convinces like actual code...


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