[tex-k] HyperTeX tags

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 28 22:21:14 CET 2006

    hyperref does not protect the name at all:

Ok, I couldn't remember for sure.  So then it's even worse -- every
document/macro package which cares has implemented it.  So, in practice,
some have, some haven't.  Sigh.

    Therefore I think quoting as PDF string is the task
    of the program that uses the name for PDF strings, in our
    case this is dvips.

Well, personally, I agree, but my point was that it seems wrong for dvips
to escape things when pdftex doesn't.  (Of course pdftex doesn't use
specials, but the situation is completely analogous.)

    Who controls the syntax of \special{html:...}? 

There is no controlling body.  All attempts to standardize specials (not
to mention DVI itself) have become moribund.  There are various drafts
in various stages of completions, all of them many years old, as far as
I know.  I am unaware of any active efforts along these lines.

If we decide to do something, whatever that would be, we can do it.  My
only thought is that it would be good to coordinate with xdvi, xdvik,
dvipdfmx.  Not sure if any other active drivers would care about this.

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