[tex-k] dvips: BeginPaperSize in postscript DSC

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 14 00:12:29 CET 2006

    All that is needed is to add an explicit PageMedia comment after each of 
    the specific  @+ ! %%DocumentPaperSizes: lines.

It seems fine to me to add a %%PageMedia for each %%DocumentPaperSizes
entry in config.ps.  That seems like it can only help.  (Tom, unless you
see a problem with it, I will make that change.)

We definitely want to solve the problem with Ghostscript.  So if/since
the %%PageMedia does that, great.

My concern is with replacing the %%BeginPaperSize...%%EndPaperSize with
%%BeginFeature...%%EndFeature.  I understand that [b/e]Feature is the
current way to do it, but who knows what still wants [b/e]PaperSize?  I
don't know, it just seems (probably needlessly) worrisome to me.
I also somehow doubt that it's desirable to put in both.


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