[tex-k] dvips: BeginPaperSize in postscript DSC

pierre.mackay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Tue Nov 14 11:58:35 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:
>     All that is needed is to add an explicit PageMedia comment after each of 
>     the specific  @+ ! %%DocumentPaperSizes: lines.
> It seems fine to me to add a %%PageMedia for each %%DocumentPaperSizes
> entry in config.ps.  That seems like it can only help.  (Tom, unless you
> see a problem with it, I will make that change.)
> We definitely want to solve the problem with Ghostscript.  So if/since
> the %%PageMedia does that, great.
> My concern is with replacing the %%BeginPaperSize...%%EndPaperSize with
> %%BeginFeature...%%EndFeature.  I understand that [b/e]Feature is the
> current way to do it, but who knows what still wants [b/e]PaperSize?  I
> don't know, it just seems (probably needlessly) worrisome to me.
> I also somehow doubt that it's desirable to put in both.
> Hmm.
> Thanks,
> Karl
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Ghostscript seems to be no problem at all.  It is very permissive.  Of 
course, if one continues to run an outdated version of Ghostscript it 
might go so far back that it could not understand %%BeginFeature, but 
then, a backup version of config.ps would provide %%BeginPaperSize.  At 
some time, the 3.0 Structuring Conventions have to take precedence, just 
as LaTeX2e is elbowing out the old LaTeX. The real problem is the !PS 
2.0 vs PS 3.0 header, because there is more to PS 3.0 than the format of 
Structuring Comments.

The alternative would be a conditional in config.ps.  Is that possible?

Pierre MacKay

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