[tex-k] dviljk changes, committed to trunk

Joachim Schrod jschrod at acm.org
Thu Jul 5 17:05:49 CEST 2007


I committed release 2.6p4 of dviljk to the trunk of TL's SVN
repository. The source will also be available on CTAN tomorrow.

This release brings the following user-visible enhancements and

 -- Files that are included by specials are searched with kpathsea.
    Configuration/environment variables DVILJINPUTS and TEXINPUTS are
    used as search path.

 -- Other program-specific configuration variables now use the prefix
    DVILJ, not the basename of the program variant (which can also be
    dvilj4 or dvilj2p).

 -- New specials:
     -- hpfile-verbatim: verbatim inclusion of a PCL file
     -- comment: add meta-information in a DVI file
     -- dvilj-psfile-syntax: syntax category of psfile special

 -- All relevant TEX_HUSH option are recognized now and acted upon.
    (Option special does not turn off warnings about invalid
    arguments, as discussed on tex-k the last few days.)

 -- Option values like orientation or page size have been updated to
    current PCL 5 capabilities.

 -- Last, but not least: The man page has been greatly enhanced, from
    3 to 7 pages in its Postscript form. All specials are described
    now and references have been added.

As usual, the ChangeLog has technical information about these changes.

Please email me if you find any problems with these new features or
have recommendations.


PS: dviljk has a psfile special with the following syntax:

 psfile=file llx=x0 lly=y0 urx=x1 ury=y1 rwi=s

[lu]l[xy] are the bounding box coordinates (though I don't know which
coordinate system is used). rwi does somehow scale the included image.
If anybody knows the semantics of this special, I would be happy to
learn more about them and include that information in the man page.

Joachim Schrod					Email: jschrod at acm.org
Roedermark, Germany

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