[tex-k] dviljk changes, committed to trunk

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jul 6 00:48:58 CEST 2007

    I committed release 2.6p4 of dviljk to the trunk of TL's SVN


    PS: dviljk has a psfile special with the following syntax:
     psfile=file llx=x0 lly=y0 urx=x1 ury=y1 rwi=s

I assume it's the same as in dvips(k).  Although I've used that special
and even messed with those parameters, I don't know of any comprehensive
description (I just changed the numbers until my picture came out in the
right place).  

In dvipsk/special.lpro, I find the following, FWIW:

%   Here we handle bounding box calculations, if necessary.
/@rwi { 10 div /rwi X /rwiSeen true N } B % rwi will be real width after scaling
/@rhi { 10 div /rhi X /rhiSeen true N } B % rhi will be real height after scaling
/@llx { /llx X } B
/@lly { /lly X } B
/@urx { /urx X } B
/@ury { /ury X } B

Although dvips.texi has a `psfile special' node, it doesn't describe any
of those keys :(.

Tom ... ?


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