[tex-k] dvips no longer landscape with powerdot

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Mar 17 00:10:13 CET 2007

Hello Akira and all,

Hendri Adriaens (cc'd) reported to me that the dvips 5.96 in TL07
doesn't work right with his powerdot package.  In particular, it seems
that the PostScript document produced by dvips is no longer in landscape
mode.  E.g., there is no "@landscape" in the .ps output, or
%%Orientation: Landscape.

The specials are using dvips prolog variables, rather low level, but I
don't think we intended to change things in this regard?

The DVI file produced from TL05 is just the same as in TL07, so it's all

I'm attaching the .tex, .dvi, my TL05 .ps+.pdf, and my TL07 .ps+.pdf.
PDF's made with ps2pdf, GPL Ghostscript 8.54; the problem is most
apparent when viewing the pdf's (the 07 one is chopped off because it's
in portrait mode), but the original culprit is in the .ps's, I believe.



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