[tex-k] dvips no longer landscape with powerdot

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Sun Mar 18 01:34:34 CET 2007

> Hello Akira and all,
> Hendri Adriaens (cc'd) reported to me that the dvips 5.96 in TL07
> doesn't work right with his powerdot package.  In particular, it seems
> that the PostScript document produced by dvips is no longer in landscape
> mode.  E.g., there is no "@landscape" in the .ps output, or
> %%Orientation: Landscape.
> The specials are using dvips prolog variables, rather low level, but I
> don't think we intended to change things in this regard?
> The DVI file produced from TL05 is just the same as in TL07, so it's all
> dvips.
> I'm attaching the .tex, .dvi, my TL05 .ps+.pdf, and my TL07 .ps+.pdf.
> PDF's made with ps2pdf, GPL Ghostscript 8.54; the problem is most
> apparent when viewing the pdf's (the 07 one is chopped off because it's
> in portrait mode), but the original culprit is in the .ps's, I believe.
> Help?

Please add the following paper size in the config.ps:

@ screen 8.25in 11in
@+ ! %%DocumentPaperSizes: Screen
@+ %%BeginPaperSize: Screen
@+ << /PageSize [594 792] >> setpagedevice
@+ %%EndPaperSize


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