[tex-k] bugs & suggestions of the METAFONTbook

胡亚捷 (Hu Yajie) 2500418497 at qq.com
Wed Jun 24 08:17:52 CEST 2020

Page A164, line -14
Change `see Exercise 17.20' to `see exercise 17.20'?

Page C68, line 9
The value `-36.16279' is mysterious since it is closer to
         -2369965/65536 = -36.16279 60205...
    than -2369964/65536 = -36.16278 07617...,
and the former value would be printed as -36.1628.

[I expect that a careful proofreader would check every detail like this,
but I don't have enough motivation of doing so :( ]

Page C69, line 11
`cosd 90^\circ' looks a bit strange. Drop either the `d' or the `\circ'?

Page C97, line 10
Change the `E' from logo10 to logo9.

Page C145, line -5 & Page C206, line 14
Change the `METAFONT' from logosl10 to logosl9. (Unfortunately, manfnt
contains only logosl10 and logosl8, not logosl9. But the logosl8 is only
used for chapter-end quotations, which I think look better with logosl9 :)

Page C151, line 11
Change the `T' in the phrase "METAFONT's `T'" from cmr9 to logo9.

Page C180, line -3
Change the `=' to "`=' or `:='".

Page C230, line 11
Change `setting tracingedges = 1' to `setting tracingedges := 1'? (cf. line 3)

Page C258, line 5
Put some space around the asterisk in `<numeric>*<pair>'?

Appendix I [Note: I actually don't have the latest printing of the book, so
the replacements I suggested may be wrong, and some entries may even not be
erroneous at all. Please check with the latest printing before filing. Also, I
didn't check the whole index, I checked just the suspicious-looking entries.]
`<internal quantity>'
    Change `265' to `265--266' and perhaps move it to `internal quantities'
    (since no angle brackets appear on these pages).
    Change to `Life, Conway's Game of'?
    Change `379' to `329' (The MFbook doesn't have that many pages!)
    Delete `234'. (Is it a typo of `274'?)
`rotated' and `scaled'
    Change `212' to `213' since the addition of `boundarychar' on page 212
    pushed the syntax rules two lines down.
    Change `311--312' to `311--313'.
    Perhaps change `101--P102' to `101--103' since the first line on
    page 103 mentions it.
`text arguments'
    Change `288--290' to `288--291'.
    Perhaps change `315--317' to `315--321'.
    Change `103--104' to `103--105', since it is discussed in the first
    three lines on page 105.
`undelimited suffix parameters'
    Change `265' to `266' since it refers to the use of `incr' and `decr'
    macros (cf. first paragraph on page 176).
    Remove `79--82' from the entry.
    Change `21--23' to `21--22'.
in general
    The entries `M', `E', `T', `A', and `F' refer to pages 302--303
    (the complete code of logo.mf), but `O' and `N' only mention page 303.

(Also, the index is somewhat inconsistent in the use of italics. For example,
the `242' is italicized in the `cullit' entry, but not in the `undraw' entry.)

mf.web, \S757
Change `If the user ..., he ...' to something like `A user who ... will ...'.


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