[tex-k] Possibly a TeX bug

Philipp Müller arkonia at web.de
Wed Jun 24 09:08:43 CEST 2020

Hello friends,

As I worked an the designing a font for TeX, I found a possible TeX bug:
 >> If the tfm file contains a kerning pair of the hyphenchar with
another letter, the kering space will end up at the start of the new
line after breaking behind an explicit hyphen.

In plain TeX I haven't checked this yet, just in LaTeX(2e). I found no
clue to this behaviour in the TeX Book or elsewhere. I don't know if
this is really a TeX bug, please tell my your opinion. I guess, it is
just a case not thought of when creating TeX.

If you want to know about the backstory (ignore this paragraph, if not):
For my PhD thesis I'am digitalising the typeface Futura of Paul Renner
(1924-1928) incl. all the nice math letters of TeX (up to the AMS
packages and beyond). As Ivery much like a beautifully justified text, I
wanted to include the hanging protrusion (optischer Randausgleich in
german) already in the font metrics. So, the hyphen in my font has a big
negative sidebearing on the right, a similar big italic correction, and
big kerning values with many characters. The latter produces the
unwanted space mentioned above.

sincerely yours,
Philipp Müller

Stay healthy!

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