[tex-k] Possibly a TeX bug

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jun 25 00:55:58 CEST 2020

Hi Philipp,

     >> If the tfm file contains a kerning pair of the hyphenchar with
    another letter, the kering space will end up at the start of the new
    line after breaking behind an explicit hyphen.

Intriguing. Can you send me (just to my personal address) a tfm file and
other font files to reproduce the problem? They won't be posted

    In plain TeX I haven't checked this yet, just in LaTeX(2e). 

It's unlikely to be different in latex.

    this is really a TeX bug, please tell my your opinion. 

It's possible, but lots of details come into play. I need to see the
actual example.

    I'am digitalising the typeface Futura of Paul Renner

Quite a project! We'd be happy to publish an article about it in
TUGboat, if you want to write something at some point. Or if you'd like
to give a talk at the upcoming online conference
(https://tug.org/tug2020/), that would be most welcome, though perhaps
that will be too soon.

    incl. all the nice math letters of TeX (up to the AMS
    packages and beyond

For glyph coverage purposes ... Antonis Tsolomitis has been working hard
on a "newcomputermodern" font that is intended to be a superset wrt math
characters (and text) of the various other fonts out there, such as
stix.  In case you are interested in taking a look ...

Best regards,

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