[tex-k] wrong identation in weave and tangle

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Aug 17 12:39:13 CEST 2021

Wolfgang H. suggested this change

     \def\hang{\hangindent 3em\indent\ignorespaces}
     \def\textindent#1{\hangindent2.5em\noindent\hbox to2.5em{\hss#1

to improve the hanging indentation in section 1 of both TANGLE.WEB and 

I want to point out that this has very negative impact on other '\hang' 
lists in sections 47, 72, and 95 of TANGLE.WEB, respectively sections 
42, 93, 141, and 144 of WEAVE.WEB.  It appears that DEK chose this 
format quite intentionally.  The '\item' lists in section 163 of 
TANGLE.WEB and in section 146 of WEAVE.WEB are OK, IMHO.

If any change in sections 1 would be necessary, I want to suggest the 
attached patch (for WEAVE.WEB; but similar for TANGLE.WEB) to avoid that 
the '1)' and '2)' enumerators stick out to the left (not as bad as in 
'webman.tex, but quite noticable).

Happy WEB programming!
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