[tex-k] wrong identation in weave and tangle

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Aug 17 16:21:12 CEST 2021

Digging deeper into the matter, I find that TEX.WEB defines in limbo

\def\hang{\hangindent 3em\noindent\ignorespaces} % note the \noindent!
\def\hangg#1 {\hang\hbox{#1 }}
\def\textindent#1{\hangindent2.5em\noindent\hbox to2.5em{\hss#1 

and MF.WEB defines in limbo

\def\hang{\hangindent 3em\noindent\ignorespaces} % dito!
\def\textindent#1{\hangindent2.5em\noindent\hbox to2.5em{\hss#1 

and much later in line 20,812 also '\hangg'.

With these definitions, TEX.WEB almost consistently uses '\hang' for 
"definition lists", '\hangg' for '1)' enumerations (with the exception 
of lines 10,560--10,566, which most likely should use '\hang'), and 
'\textindent' for a single '1) .. 4)' enumeration list, which might as 
well be using '\hangg' (see MF.WEB), making '\textindent' obsolete.

And similarly MF.WEB uses '\hang' for "definition lists", '\hangg' for a 
single enumeration right after its definition (which might also use 
'\hang') and '\textindent' for bulleted lists and '1)' enumerations.

All in all, DEK is quite variable in his choice of 
enumeration/indentation macros between his various programs sources.

Hope this helps.


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