[tex4ht] htlatex dvipng including cmr-10-10.png on working dir

Carlos linguafalsa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 01:57:51 CEST 2018

Hello Michal

Karl advised to contact you about this issue. I didn't want to do it on
April fool's day :) lest this email is simply put aside, but hey... this
system is used worldwide so it doesn't apply.

If you were to have a simple document such as


\title{Es así}

Sí o no


I ran the above with different conf files but the result was always the
same with utf8 and \maketitle

Of course, on the above example the most noticeable difference with other
documents that exhibit the same problem, is the image itself , which in
this case is cmr-10-10.png

The only workaround was to have say  \title{Es as\'i}

find the files attached

Thanks in advance for any pointers/solution Michal.

I've been running it htlatex filename config mostly.... I don't know if a
workaround directly through tex4ht and say the argument -utf8 is possible
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